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Do you want to have some fun? Well, it is easier than you think! I used to have a very boring life but all of that changed when I made friends with this guy who was really into recreational activities like deep sea fishing and sports like tennis. At first, I thought he was insane, but after a few weekends away with him, I soon got a taste for his lifestyle. Since then, I have made a special effort to try out as many different recreational activities as possible. I hope this blog will inspire you to do the same.


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Why You Should Consider Taking Up BJJ This Summer

As winter passes its zenith in Australia and the warmer months get closer and closer, many people are looking for a new activity or method of exercise that takes up their interest. There is nothing more exciting than taking up a new sport and finding out that you love it, but what many people overlook are the many martial arts that are available to be taken up throughout the country, none more relevant or interesting than BJJ; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking up BJJ this summer and how it can make your life better.

Dominance Over Other Martial Arts

BJJ is quickly becoming one of the most dominant martial arts forms not only just at a recreational level but also in professional fighting arenas like the UFC. The simple fact is that the methods you learn in it are extremely effective and, if your opponent is not properly trained in defensive methods, they will be no match for you even if they have some knowledge of other martial arts. It is an aggressive, pragmatic and very intense martial art that will leave you best equipped to win any encounter you come across.

Great For Exercise

BJJ is not like other martial arts which rely on a lot of theory and practising moves without a sparring partner. You have to get down and dirty almost immediately at these sparring sessions, and contact with an opponent will really test your physical limits. That makes them a great form of physical exercise, almost as if you are constantly playing a contact sport like rugby league or AFL without the toll on your body afterwards. If you want a form of cardio and strength training that is unlike any other, BJJ is what you should be focused on.

Great For Any Size

One of the main reasons why so many people flock to BJJ over other martial arts is because it is useful no matter how tall, short, or strong you are. People of much smaller stature have won against huge opponents by using BJJ because it teaches you how to overcome your opponent and the many different ways to manipulate them into surrender. That is why, if you don't know how to counter it, you can quickly find yourself pinned or in a chokehold of some kind and tapping out. If you have found that other martial arts have not really prepared you well for real encounters, then you need to try BJJ.